History and development of visual branding and merchandising

Posters are designed to catch the public’s attention when people pass by them. They are designed as advertisement mainly for events, films, books and music. In posters there is lots of propaganda (the art of persuasion) to try to convince people that they should, for example, vote for the person on the poster or to change peoples political and/or religious beliefs.

This is a World War 1 poster from 1914. Back then the designs was simple but effective in recruiting men into the armed forces. Using big text and contrasting colour caught people’s eyes and persuaded men to join the army. The art for posters was simple in this point in time but it was a very popular poster back then and the most famous image in the British army Recruitment plan.ww1poster

In the USA, 1917, they had a poster that was already more advanced than Britain’s poster for recruitment. In this poster there is more vibrant colour with makes it more appealing visually. The tones and shades make ‘Uncle Sam’ seem life like from the shadows shown with a certain angle of light starting from the top right hand corner of the poster. usaposterww1