Type Tool + Clipping

For this task i had to type a random letter into photoshop and had to use the fee transform tool to scale the letter to a different size and place in the 10cm x 10cm square. To keep the proportions of the shape, i held down the shift key when increasing the size of the letters.leter-02

letter-05letter-06I then added colour to the background and the letter to make it more interesting and to see if i could make an image by changing the colours.letter_colour-01letter_colour-03letter-03After this, i created a new A4 document and typed up a quote i was given over a few layers. I alternated the size of some words, making some bigger/smaller, and i changed the font on different words to make it more interesting. I put the layers of words into a group layer once that was done.
Then, i found a picture of the person who said the quote and put the image layer above the rest in a group layer and created a clipping mask. This made the image only appear in the letters of the words in the quote.quote_version-01