Posters (Clothes Iron)

For this task, my object was a clothes iron in which i had to crate multiple posters to advertise it, with the name of the Clothes iron (in this case, the Breville Technique VIN213 Digital 2400 W Steam Iron), an image to place in different environments, a logo if possible and a slogan.

The first poster, i placed the iron in a normal environment for a clothes iron, somewhere you would expect to find one. iron-boringFor the second poster, i thought of the slogan first (‘let off steam’) and then found the background and made some edits with the Clothes iron to make it look like the clubbers are relaxing and having fun due to the Clothes iron. It was simple to create as i just duplicated the image of the iron multiple times and erased where necessary to make it look like people are holding the irons.
iron For my third poster, i wanted it to be different and make it stand out so i made the literal ‘iron’ lady. i duplicated the steam iron many times and rearranged the angles but kept them the same size. I decided to change her hair and eyebrows to irons and used he slogan ‘the iron lady’. clothesiron