Plan for Assignment: Vroom – video game interfaces!

Week 1 (2nd – 8th Nov):

Task 2 – Research and analyse user interfaces for driving games.

*Look through websites/Gather relevant information.

*Write a draft.

*Write up research for blog.

+ Other assignments



Week 2 (9th – 15th Nov):

Task 3 – Development work

*Work in sketchbook, come up with different interpretations.

*Annotate & des all sketches and ideas.

*Take pictures and post on blog.

+ Other assignments


Weeks 3 – 5 (16th Nov – 6th Dec):

Task 3 continued

+ Other assignments


Week 6 (Fri 11th Dec):

Task 4 Midway “crit” in groups.

*Gain feedback from others and respond by adapting ideas.

*Show improvements on blog.


Weeks 7 – 12 (13th Dec – 17th Jan)

Task 5: Final mock-ups and visuals

*Create final designs that are professional that display the interface item and how they look and interact.

*Create a single sheet document displaying the three different team identities (name, colours, logo).

*Put on blogs.


Weeks 13 – 14 (18th – 29th Jan):

Task 6: evaluation

*750 words.

EDIT: Additional 3 weeks given to complete the task