Planning document (Ambient sound loop)

Qualification BTEC Extended Diploma in iMGD
Unit Number(s) and Title(s) 58  

Sound for Interactive Media


Assignment Title Ambient Sound Loop – Research
Assessor Mark Parsons
Issue Date 5/11/15 Deadline 10/12/15


Task. write about the following Response
Type of production


Computer Game Level – how long/what kind of scene/intention of loop?


I need to create two loops, one being 1½ mins long and the second 2 mins long, for two scenes that will run through continuously. The Scene for my game will be set during the fire of London. This will include various sounds of fire crackling and people shouting. The loop should reflect the surroundings the scene is in.




Did it cost anything e.g. Stock music purchases?





Produce a weekly planner:

01 – Research


05 – create multiple tracks in garage band that could be two separate tracks for looping.
02 – Research


06 – apply the tracks from garageband to audition.
03 – Make a list of sound files and download them from


07 – Edit, cut and rearrange all files loaded to Audition
04 – arrange sounds in audition


08 – Upload to soundcloud


Was anyone else involved in the production?

I will be independent for this task so no one else will involved in the production.




Computer/Software requirements – Recording equipment use?





Names of people involved with any used sound files.

Wishniak, Leosalom, juskiddink





Where did you use the computers? Recording locations?

I used the computers at Kingston College School of Art and Design and at home. I Recorded various sounds in Kingston and London.


Health and Safety


Sound Levels/Working at computers/etc

Rest eyes after periods of time to make sure you don’t strain them; keep a good distance from the screen and make sure you are working at eyelevel with your computer. Sound volume, have a limiter on your earphones to make sure you don’t damage your ears. Also to make sure, in case of an emergency, you can hear others instructions or alarms. There are cables on the floor to power computers, they are covered to make sure people don’t trip over them.

Codes of Practice


MCPS-PRS/TIGA/BIMA clearances to use files

I will only use my own recordings of sounds or get them from royalty free sites which allow me to use them in my work.

Sound file list


What specific files did you use/how long/etc?

Flames.wav – 02.02


electric car – 00:05