Research on Racing Game Interfaces

In Driving games, there are many different aspects to look at and include. They range from many different designs and all are unique and different in terms of the user interfaces. In most there are speedometers, the lap count, the duration of the map/lap and a map of the race. These are essential in a racing game to help you determine how well you are dong and if there are other players or CPUs near your vehicle.

Racing games need to have the necessary components in the interface to make it a proper racing game. Most have a starting screen, like a traffic light going from red to green, and an ending screen, like the word “Finished” or the number of the position that you were in when you passed the finish line. They also have a lap count to tell you how much longer the race will be, and a timer to tell you how long you spent on that certain lap. The position that you are in is usually placed in-screen as well, to help determine how well you are doing.

In certain games you have cars which you can customise with different colours or patterns and you can alter the shape/details of the car to change the statistics of the vehicle. however some are usually presents as a preset and certain colours.

In the game Real Racing 3, there is a distinct difference in the design of the interface is different. The information floats around the car and there is no map or speedometer, just the speed that you are going, time, lap and your position. The game puts you in a 3rd person perspective of the car  which allows you to see better if there are other players near you and are about to overtake you.imagecarrealracing3.jpg