Speed dials/Interface ideas + Comments


When I presented some ideas/designs, for certain aspects of a driving game user interface, to other people in my group they gave me some feedback as to how I could improve my work.

Things such as:

  • Try more complex designs – abstract shapes
  • Include a lap count, or timer for the duration of the laps/race
  • Include a Rev counter
  • Include a drift gage
  • Try using colours
  • Add a pit stop to your race track
  • Add a fuel gage
  • use numbers and try using different styles/fonts

They also told me to think about the type of car I will be designing the interface for. For example, if it’s an electric car, how will it be powered? With battery’s, if so then maybe a battery charge symbol should be included to show the amount of power the car has. Or maybe it will be solar powered and you have a solar meter to show the energy of the car.