Evaluation of Final Poster

For this assignment,I had to promote the ‘RIAS Festival of Architecture 2016’ by creating a Poster design. I had to include “Festival of Architecture”, “2016” and the RIAS logo.

I started out with researching post modernist and modernist posters to help expand my imagination and to inspire my own designs. I found out that people used to do posters by hand, and it was really effective how they managed to make posters eye-catching by using things like geometry to create a design.

Then, after looking over poster designs, I drew out some small basic designs to help me get an idea of what to base the poster around. Once I had a basic concepts to work with, I selected a few and decided to develop them into better ideas and how I could incorporate it into a poster. Once i had developed some ideas, I adapted them in photoshop and played around with different tools for different posters. I mainly worked with the Gherkin, the Sydney Opera House and the Shard.

My final design is made up of rectangles placed to represent a building. I created this in Photoshop, using text, the quick mask tool, grids, guides and shapes.

To start it off, I created an A3 template and added a grid and guides to allow me to achieve accuracy when adjusting the shapes and text.Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 09.24.25.png

After that I added in shapes similar to my design in my sketchbook but rearranged some of them to make it more appealing. As well as making some of the rectangles more opaque to create different tones on the building.

I added in the logo by opening it up on a separate Photoshop document and using quick mask to make sure the logo had all of its details attached when I copied and pasted it onto the poster document.

I experimented with my final design by changing the colours and i ended up with using blue, yellow and green. These colours are calm and relaxing but still grab your attention because the yellow contrasts slightly from the blue and the green. As well as the fact that its for a festival and there are bright colours used in festival affairs. I did experiment with other colours such as pink, red and purple but the colours made it very plain and i was told  “I would ignore it if I saw it in the street.”

I also left a margin in the design to make it look more neat.

I am happy with my final piece as I think it is effective the way the colours fit well together and catch your eye. As well as the way all the shapes are built up to look like a building. I like the contemporary cubist style I used in my design. It looks modern and i like the way the text overlaps the building blocks.

I was mainly independent throughout this assignment. I had some assistance with my final design when someone pointed out how i could make it better by overlapping the text over the building and making the text less distorted.

I also took some opinions from people I didn’t know and they said it looked effective and had a modern effect which works well.

If I could change anything, I think I could of made it a sky scraper and possible think about making the shapes 3D.