User Interface Evaluation

The task I was given was to create a professional set up of visuals that show my interface items and how they look and interact as well as 3 different tea identities with names, a logo and colours.

Throughout this task, i have developed new skills and learned new software that I adapted to. All my designs have been designed by me and inspired by real dashboards and racing games’ user interfaces. I looked at real cars to see how similar racing game interfaces are to real live dashboards and I saw that they can be quite similar, depending on the game, and the symbols that are on the dashboard are carried over into some games to make it more realistic.

With the research I did, it helped me identify all the correct aspects of driving games, since I wasn’t very familiar with this type of game at first, and led me to knowing some of the main characteristics of racing interfaces. Including the knowledge of copyright laws and branding, which helped my in the creation of my interface and the teams names and logos.

I made some text to the interface as well to reflect actual racing game components. I Included the time (to count the duration of the map), the position of the player, the lap count and a mph meter above the speed dial. This helped fill out the screen and make it look more like an actual racing game. I created many designs, and the initial designs developed over time and gradually turned into more professional looking components.

For this project; I worked in my sketchbook, Used Photoshop and Illustrator to design and create my interface design and race teams. Many of the tools on the Adobe software was useful in creating my work and helped me adapt and gain new skills when creating and designing my HUD. Certain things like the speed dials I created by Using the outline of a circle and edited the stroke to get a riveted surface. As well as using a using certain line tools to help get the curves at the right angle for my logos. They were fun to create as they allowed theand using the grid to help align shapes.

When creating my teams, I had to make sure that I watched out for branding copyright and IP law. This makes sure that if a game uses the name/logo of a real car without permission, then they have to pay a large sum of money to the person who claimed branding copyright on their car name/logo. This is the reason that most games have made up car names to make sure they avoid using real brand names. However, some race game creators might want to use company’s logos in their games so they have to get the rights to the brands car and logo and make the model car (in the game) look as realistic as possible compared to the real car. Because I can’t claim for the rights, I made my logos myself using Illustrator and used my own colour schemes that I made up.race teams

The race was set in London, this meant I had to find a route that would work well in a race. To do that, I went to google maps and found a suitable area In which the Race could occur. For the map, I went in Cinema 4D to make the track. I first made the track with buildings around it but it proved to be too much for a mini map in the corner of the screen, so I just used the track I made without the buildings and imported it into my photoshop document.
Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 22.51.08Untitled-1






I am happy with my final visuals as they convey a racing game’s interface with the speedometer, map, time etc. As well as with my teams logos because they all are different and match the teams colour scheme, and the names reflect the logos a bit. I also like the Starting screens “GO!” because it looks effective on the screen. additionally, with the choices in design and the overall placement of the parts in my user interface, I think they fit together nicely and they would work well in a real game scenario.

If I could change anything, it would be the map outer circle. I would change its design to make it have a smoother edge and make it match the speedometer dial more. Including change the visuals a bit to make it look more like the car is moving along the road.