Warburton’s Thin Bagel advert Ideas

These are some ideas for adverts based on thin bagels. The target audience is women aged 20 – 45.


Idea 1: Bagel olympics

  • Theme: Sport
  • It Can be based around sport and athletics because it would show health and fitness. As well as the fact that the olympics start in august this year so the themes can go align.
  • The thin Bagel can be the main character (start out as ordinary bagel?) – use Warburton’s home of Bolton as a background if there is a training scene for running. And an olympic stadium.
  • The Bagel can face off against a normal bagel and end up winning the gold medal in they sport they did.



Idea 2: Bagels falling from the sky

  • Motion graphics used/realistic images
  • Multiple camera angels
  • Told like a story – Narrator
  • Set in Bolton
  • Bagels are falling from the sky and are crushing people because they are so big. People are getting hurt.Warburton’s then helps by shooting some magical dust out of their main production building and this turns the bagels into thin bagels and they float down and stop injuring people.



Idea 3: Conveyor-belt timeline of Warburton Products

  • A sort of timeline of Warburton’s products on a conveyor belt
  • No camera changes
  • Some comedy moments (The older products have a top hat and pipe?(falling off of the conveyor belt?))
  • Cartoon styled – 2d digital animation
  • Voice over


Idea 4:Bagel Boxing Ring

  • Warburton’s Thin Bagels Vs New York Bakery’s bagel thins
  • A warburtons employee as loosing (forgot to eat breakfast) – when in corner, eats a thin bagel and beats New York’s Bakery’s employee.75605_Warburtons-Thin-Bagels-and-NYB.jpg