Animated Alphabet – L

To make this, I first got all the things i wanted to use for my animation.

I used black paper for the background, and white paper for the mans walking positions and the Text(which I coloured in red with a marker).

After this, I arranged them on a flat surface and prepared a camera on a tripod to capture the images for each frame needed. I took the pictures on at a time, moving and changing the different props I had to make a fluent stop motion animation.

Then, in after effects, i uploaded the images into a new composition and organised the images so that they would create a fluid animation.

I then added in sound, the footsteps for the character, and the music for when the word “LOVE” suddenly appears.

I like my animation because its simple but it works well. i also like when the character gets confused when the “LOVE” appears.


Music Used: ‘Love me’ by The 1975

Sounds used: