After Effects – fire

I was tasked with creating a fire animation in Adobe After Effects.

To make this fire, I had to create a new composition called fire comp 1 and add a load of effects to it.

This included:

  • CC particle Systems 11
  • Fast Blur
  • CC Vector Blur
  • Echo
  • Directional Blur
  • Curves
  • Curves 2
  • Turbulent Displace
  • Glow

This all made up the fire, from the colours to the gravity of the flame.

To make it more realistic, I made some smoke by making a new composition and calling it smoke. To this I added these effects:

  • Particle Playground
  • Fast Blur
  • Fast Blur 2

To make it more interesting, I added a matchstick into the mix and made the tip of it glow as the fire would compliment it well.