Animation Assets

For the a few things in my animation, e.g. the thin bagel, I animated most of the movements in flash. This helped me understand the stages in movement from running and jumping, to flags in the wind.

To make the come to life more, I made it so they blinked every couple of seconds or had a twinkle in their eye that made it look like the eyes were shining.

When animating the flag and banner, I used reference images from the web so i could see how they would need to move in each frame.

when animating the animation for the running bagel, I had to use a running cycle and a jumping cycle and merge them together and guess how the body would look in-between the jump and running shot since there was no reference that provided this. In the end it turned out well and it looks fluid.



In After Effects, I used the Wiggle technique to make my grass move. I did this to make the scene come to life and to give the animation more detail than it would have if the grass didn’t sway.

I also used the puppet pin tool on the characters arm to get it to wave. This took longer than I thought it would because when i moved the arm, the whole body moved with it. I solved my problem by applying the puppet pin tool in the main points of the body rather than just the arms and that helped keep the structure of the body as the arm moved.Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 08.53.45.pngScreen Shot 2016-06-15 at 08.56.58.png