Warburtons Animation – Peer Review

I had Someone review my animation at its current state, and he told me some pros and cons that I should think about.


  • Animation quality is excellent
  • Very fluid animation and the plot is clear and easy to understand.


  • Scene needs background, looks empty without one.
  • Complete the empty scene thats left.


Warburton’s – Animation Assignment

Thursday 9th June

Morning tasks

  • 9.30 – 10.30: Finish animating bagel character for the final scene
  • 11 – 12.30: Upload scene into After Effects

Afternoon tasks

  • 1.30 – 3.00: Finalise background for scene
  • 3.30 – 5.00: Complete the animation and edit the timing of it.

Evening (at home)

  • Task1: Double check animation for glitches/any bugs
  • Task2: Update Blog

Friday 10th June

  • Hour 1 task: Upload animation to youtube
  • Hour 2 task: