I was given the task of creating an animation to market Warburton’s new Thin Bagels to women aged 20 – 45. I was exited to learn how to make an animation that I had lots of control over, and I loved that I could design my own storyboard and characters.

Originally, we were placed into teams of 3 or 5 and we had to come up with a theme each  that the animation would be based around. Then we had to choose one theme from the whole group and make our own individual storyboards. After that we had to decide which one was preferred between us and the chosen was was presented to Warburton’s representatives. After someone won, The groups split up and we had to go and turn our storyboards into an animatic.  Then we designed scenes and characters and practised animation techniques with different software which would all go into the final animation.

This was my first time making my own 2D animation. I used multiple pieces of software to complete this task. For example, I used Adobe Photoshop to help digitalise my character and scene designs for the animation. To help me get neater results, i used my WACOM Intuos Pen and Touch tablet which enabled me to draw the characters and scenes easily and be time efficient. I also used Adobe Flash to animate movement in the character or objects to help me see the positions they would be in and how they move frame by frame. Including using the motion tween tool which helped me make things move easily and it looked fluid in the final animation. And I also used Adobe After Effects to put all the scenes together, animate movement in objects and characters and to put the final animation together. I used tools such as the puppet pin tool to move around the arm of the bagel to test out different ways of animating techniques.

During the process of building up to and making the animation, I have developed/increased skills which will help me in my future career. I have shown independence by working on my own during most of the process, aside from asking a few questions and asking people what they think of my work so I could adapt it. I have shown that I can work well in a team as I worked in a group to come up with the theme of the storyboard and different styles of 2D animation. I have also shown that I’m a creative thinker  by developing my own storyline and character designs which are unique to me.

The overall message of my advert is the thin bagel (Made by Warburtons) beats the normal bagel (that just happens to be made by the New York Bakery) and that by choosing the thin bagel you are a winner. This would appeal to people because nobody likes to loose and everybody wants to win in life and be happy, and by eating thin bagels you can achieve that. As well as the fact that its based around Olympic hurdles so it hints to viewers that they can be eaten for a healthier lifestyle since they contain less calories.


People have told me what they thought of my animation and I had a lot of positive reviews.

Georgie: “I really like the characters, they’re really cute”

Becca: “That’s so cool! I love the scenes you made.”

Kieran: “I like the part where the bagel is running across the screen, it looks good.”


I was also told, close to the end of my lesson, that what would make it better would be to make a starting gun and put it in the countdown for when the bagel starts running. So I made a quick gun in photoshop, smoothed the edges and made an firing effect, and imported it into my composition in After Effects alongside a handgun noise that I quickly downloaded. And this made my animation better as it filled in the empty space during the countdown and made it a lot better.

If I could change anything, I would try and make a different storyboard which consists of more events such as gymnastics or swimming. As well as changing the camera angles slightly to give the animation a different feel. Other than that I am happy with my animation, with how my characters turned out as well as the backgrounds. Especially with the grass that moves slightly due to the wiggle effect I gave it.