Game Concept – Narrative


Moon Palace

  • Moon Palace is the palace on the moon.
  • It’s also called Guanghan Palace.
  • The Legend says that the Goddess of the moon, named Chang’e (嫦娥), lives there.
  • Chang’e was originally known as Heng’e (姮娥).
  • A rabbit also inhabited the moon alongside the Goddess, it’s name translates to the Jade Rabbit (玉兔) or Moon Rabbit (月兔).
  • It is said that the Jade Rabbit was sent to the moon to help ease her loneliness. The Jade Rabbit was also busy due to trying to make a pill that would help Chang’e return to earth.

There are multiple versions of the tale of the Moon Palace.

  1. Some say Chang’e was banished to the moon because she stole the pill of immortality from her husband Houyi (Yi).
  2. Another says that after Yi hid the Elixir of Life, he left the house to go hunting. Then she drank it to prevent Fengmeng (Yi’s prized student), who broke into their house, from gaining it and then flew to the moon to live there. Yi found out about what happened and became sad, so he displayed fruits, cakes and the things she had liked as well as making sacrifices for her.
  3. When Yi returned to his home, the Emperor Yao had tasks for him to do urgently, and he responded asap. Yi made an error when he chose not to take the Elixir immediately, and leaving them unguarded. While Yi was defeating beasts, his wife Chang’e stayed at home.While Yi was away, Chang’e found the Elixirs that Yi had left behind. And as she was curious about them, she drank them both. At this moment, Yi returned and to his surprise found his wife ascending to the moon. Yi heard his wife crying for help and tried to help her, but she was too far for him to reach. Chang’e obtained immortality and lived alone on the moon with only white hares living with her.



  • The Game could be based on the Goddess’ journey to the moon and the final destination is the Moon Palace.
  • Playable characters – Chang’e, Jade Rabbit (Could switch between the two)
  • Scenes – the sky, could start by travelling through the town then through the sky to the moon. each scene could have some sort of puzzle that she has to pass to be able to fly higher.
  • Since she is immortal due to the Elixir of Life, she won’t have a health bar. There should be Items such as Chinese lanterns or Fans to collect to gain points.