8 Bit Artwork

Today I changed a picture of me into an 8 bit version.

To start, I took a photo of myself then uploaded it to Photoshop. I then proceeded to crop the image.

To be able to get more contrast in the colours of my image, I adjusted the levels of light and colour by clicking on Indexed colour and then limited the number of colours to be available in the image. I then reduced the size of the canvas to 75 pixels, then enlarged it back to 400 pixels. This made the image of myself look more pixelated and like a character in a game.

I also took the tools and made the same adjustments as I did to my picture to the scene that I made to make it look like a scene from an 8bit game. I also added my selfie into the scene, after cropping my image and using a square shaped eraser in photoshop to get all the edges neat and straight.