Game Backstory/ Idea

The game will be based around the Oriental tale of the Goddess of the moon, and will be set in a traditional Chinese town during the Ming Dynasty. You will play as Chang’e, who drank the elixir of life and fled to the moon to live there. In the game you will be running through the endless scene, trying to escape from Fengmeng who wanted the elixir for himself. He will be shooting at you constantly and you have to keep moving forward to avoid getting shot. As you run through the level, there will be items to collect for you to increase your score and there will be a timer to see how long you last.


Strategy: In the game; you have to jump, collect items and survive to see how long you can last for. There will be obstacles like rocks/cracks in the ground which you have to avoid and a damage health potion which will deduct health bars.

Information set: The game will provide basic controls to the characters in the bottom left hand side of the screen, as well as what objects are harmful and which are good for you.

Payoff: You have to survive as long as possible to beat your previous highscore, the more you collect items, the more points you will get.