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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

Persona 4 is a roleplaying/social simulation single player game, developed and published by the company Atlus originally for the Play Station 2 console in 2008 and then later republished for the Play Station Vita in 2012 as Persona 4 Golden. It revolves around the Tv world which is filled with shadows, which present the true inner self, and the characters in the game all have to face their insecurities. This game represents accepting yourself, no matter how people perceive you and who you are.

Strategy: You play as the protagonist/hero whom you are allowed to name as you begin the game (however in the manga he is called Sōji Seta). In the game you have friends called Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Teddie, Kanji, Rise and Naoto. You have to level up your protagonist and all the personas you collect to help you beat more difficult enemies. As well as increasing your social bonds with your friends to help them become stronger to beat difficult enemies that you couldn’t defeat by yourself. Buying armour and weapons is also crucial to help improve your stats. Your Multiple personas Can also learn skills through skill cards which can be effective against certain enemies with a weakness to some attacks. You also have to find clues, talk to NPC’s and try and help people who end up in the Tv world. The game is based around the day, so you have to plan your time carefully as you can’t leave the house at night, and if you do something in the day (go into the Tv world to fight shadows) you might be too tired to do anything the rest of the day so you have to plan and think ahead.

Information set: You don’t really get much information given to you in the beginning because you, like the protagonist, get thrown into it while not understanding much about it and learning as you go along. However you do get some information about yourself and how you have the wildcard ability which allows you to access multiple personas and are able to fuse them together to make one which is more powerful.

Payoff: You have to figure out who the murderer is, try to figure out why they are throwing people into the Tv and pass your school exams while making sure your social bonds are maxed. As well as registering all the Personas you obtain, filling your Compendium. And if you do it all correctly, you will be able to get the true ending.

But there are multiple endings you can get depending on how you play the game and which characters you spend you time with. So its down to how well you are at deducting investigations (and how long it takes you to realise you just can’t do it and look online for answers) and not how lucky you can get.