Matte Painting Concept Scene

Matte painting is commonly used in industries because it is cheap and it works well. you can turn or change any picture into something different.

For my concept scene, I started out with a quick sketch of my idea for an abandoned shack in the woods. with a path leading up to it.Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 15.12.04.png

To make a start on the mates painting, I first gathered images of things i might of used and sorted out some different ideas . Then with an image of a forest, that I had, i inserted it into photoshop for the background. I then used an image of a wood plank and duplicated it to make the shack and I carved out some dents with the polygonal lasso tool and used the burn tool to make it look old and broken and darken certain areas. After this I found an image of a silhouette in a forest, so I placed that image to make it seem like the shack is a doorway to another dimension.

After that, the scene looked a little plain and unrealistic. So I used the burn tool on the path to have shadows at the point where it meets the shack due to the direction the light travels in the image. I also used the clone tool to extend the leafs on the ground to make it more realistic. I found that things like the shack were still a bit too bright, so I lowered the brightness in the adjustments menu. To finish it off, and give it a more eerie feeling, i included two children silhouettes and decreased their opacity to make them look like shadows a barely visible. Including a circle gradient around the screen to make the edges of the image darker.