Maya – Temple

In maya I created a greek temple to help me learn the basics of the software.

I started out with a cube which I changed the scale of so the height decreased. Since the object appears in the middle of the grid that is shown for the ground, I made sure snap to point was on, held down the d button and dragged the pivot to the bottom of the cube so when i use snap to grid, it will get the bottom of the vertex perfectly aligned with the grid. I then added a cylinder for the body of the column which I changed the scale so it was taller and changed the pivots point as well. And finally a torus for added detail around the rim of the column and another scaled down cube to top of the column.

Screenshot 2016-10-19 09.33.04.png

I then started to add the stairs for the temple. I placed in a cube polygon and changed its size to be a large flat surface. Then, using the Insert Edge Loop tool i clicked on the edges of the object and this made lines on the object appear which I could use to adapt the shape of the polygon. I have to do this because otherwise the object won’t extrude properly. Then when the object had an outline, I held down the right mouse button and selected ‘face’ and clicked on the middle of the object which hi lights it. I then used the extrude tool to raise it to create the first step. I repeated this 3 more times to create the stairs for my temple.Screenshot 2016-10-19 09.50.07.png

Now that I had a base, I could start to place more columns an it. Using an image as a reference, I duplicated the column multiple times to go around the to around the top of the stairs. I then created another cube and flattened it and enlarged it to start out my roof.

Screenshot 2016-10-19 09.56.20.png

I then duplicated that object and scaled it up and using the edge loop tool I made the triangular roof. Then for more detail I used the extrude with the edge loop tool to create an outline for the triangle shape. To make the Temple more interesting, I added another cube and used the edge loop tool and exude to detail the space beneath the roof.

Screenshot 2016-10-19 10.00.08.png

To finish it off, I added a small building inside of the temple to make it look less empty.

Hot keys:
Q = selection tool
w = Move tool ZY/Y X
E = Rotate tool
R = Scale tool
– F = snap to object
– A = frame all objects
alt + *mouse click* = move around object