3 Moving Objects

For this task, I had to animated 3 moving objects which moved simultaneously. I produced a cube that rotated quickly, a sphere which is rotating at a slower rate, and a cone shaped object.

I first created my three objects and placed them on different parts of the grid. I then clicked on the hyper shade window and chose the lambert texture and chose two colours and one checkered pattern. The green for the cube, blue for the sphere and black and white check pattern for the cone.

I then started to animate my objects by inserting a keyframe and animating each object separately. I rotated the cube and brought it forward to the front of the grid and inserted another keyframe. I then repeated that step and moved it back and forth to make the cube move across the grid while rotating.

I made so that for the amount of time it takes for the cube to go forward an back again,the sphere would only travel forward. This makes the objects look like they are traveling in a sequence.