Starting my game

Today I started to practise using the software Unreal as this is what ill be using for making my 2D sidescoller/Endless runner game.

I opened up Unreal Editor and started a new 2d side scroller project which loaded up a template which  had a basic sidescoller template which had a man which could run, stay idle and jump.Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 10.08.59.png

To start out, I created a new folder in content and named it SideScroller_Demo01. In this I placed Two new folders, Blueprints and Maps.


From the Original folder that contained the Template body, I copied that into my blueprints folder and named it something different as it will be used for my character. In This instance, I named the blueprint KarenFromFinance. I then imported my character sprite sheet, and when it loaded in I extracted the characters separated into single characters.

To have the character performing the cycles I want, I select the images that form, e.g. the run cycle and then select create Flipbook to put the images together and o a timeline so I can edit the timing to make the cycle smoother. I repeated this with the other sprites had.

After this I then went back to my blueprints and double clicked on the file KarenFromFinance and then proceeded to change the sprite to the idle pose I gave my character.