Bouncing Ball Maya

This was my second time animating in Maya. I had to create a bouncing ball which looked realistic and reflected my knowledge of animating, movement of objets and the way gravity effects objects and how I can show that through animation.

Firstly I started out by spawning a sphere polygon in the centre of the grid. I then dragged it up higher on the Y axis. After this, I adjusted the timeline to 24fps and set the max number of frames at 200. 24fps is mostly used in films, so it is suitable for this task.

before I started animating, I first had to know how a ball looked, and changed due to the mass of the ball, how high it will bounce and the friction caused when the ball hits the ground.


To set the first frame, I pressed S while the ball was selected. I then proceeded to move the ball down on the Y axis, creating keyframes along the way,  and stretch the ball to make it slimmer so it would look like its falling.

This, in the end, will help give the ball the effects of falling. Before the ball hit the ground, I made a new keyframe with the ball still slightly stretched and then added a new keyframe on the timeline and squashed the ball when it hit the ground. I then copied the pervious frame and used that for the ball to rise again.

After animating the ball, I then checked the settings and set the export using H.264 Playblast and had myself a bouncing ball animation.