Game Evaluation

For the brief I had to produce a 2D SideScroller level in Unreal Engine based on my theme and research. For me this was the oriental tale of the Goddess of the Moon, Chang’e.

The game I produced is different due to complications I encountered along the way and how I changed my game to suit my criteria. While creating my game I have learned the process of making a game and gained new skills and knowledge of how the game is made using logic.

An example of this is when My finished game file was corrupted for unknown reasons and I couldn’t access the files again. Due to this I had to recreate my level in a short period of time and change it so the logic of my game was easier to reproduce.

However, I like what I have produced for my final game. My game has an opening screen with working controls, I have an end point in my level leading to an ending screen, My characters flipbook animations work well and the collectables give you points and the hazards kill you. I also used the music loop I created and a sound for when you collect coins: (

If I could change anything i would make sure that I save my files on a hard-drive so i don’t loose any important files or loose my game like I did.