The name of my animation will be The Lonely Tape. The animation will be 20 seconds long and it will be aimed at 15 – 50 year olds to bring awareness to the feeling of isolation and loneliness. My animation will be for a company named Rabbit Roll Products, who sell stationary and craft supplies. The slogan for my animation could be don’t let our products go to waste. The animation will be about a roll of tape. The roll of tape has no name, which gives the character a lack of identity, not knowing who they are themselves. They are on a display table and all of the other products have been bought, all except the tape left alone on the table. The camera shot will move from underneath the table and the focus on the tape. This will allow the audience to view the surroundings of the isolated room. The tape will appear to be looking around, confused and lonely. The tape, noticing the isolation of the room it is currently in, decides it doesn’t want to live alone forever, so it decides to travel to the edge of the table. It looks over the edge and sees a bin, which gives the tape the incentive to roll over the edge of the table and into the trash can. The music for the animation will be a slow piano piece that will sound sad to emphasise the feeling of loneliness. There will be no additional sound effects so you can focus on the emotion in the music. To be able to produce a well made animation, I have tested out the movement of the tape and how it will travel across the table and show emotion. I might encounter some problems during animating if Maya crashes, however I can overcome this problem by saving every time I edit the animation.I estimate it will take about a week to animate it, this should allow me time to fix mistakes if I make any. A eek seems like a reasonable due to the animation only lasting 20 seconds.