I tested out some movement using myself as the test dummy. Adil Filmed my movement as I walked in different expressions.

The first was an upbeat walk, with my back straight/slightly arched and head lifted up.

The second, I decided I wanted to know what it would look like to fall off of a table, so I had Adil record the motions of my body as I fell of the table.

The third was a sad walk. This is clearly defined by the slouched walk with me dragging my shoes along the ground and my arms hanging limp at my sides.

The final one we recorded was an upper body motion. We came up with the idea of the movement for someone suddenly thinking of something.

To help me see the dimensions of the body and the different positions clearly, I drew out a bone figure to see the joints that move and which direction the go in to transition to the end figure.


Since I chose tape as my object for animation, I decided to play around with it and record the movement. I Experimented with rolling it in the bin and how it landed as that is part of my story.

I also recorded the tape rolling around and turning on the spot and to see how it would move around. Due to the story of the tape being depressed, I tried to show that emotion through moving it slowly, like my walking movements, to make it seem sluggish and almost reluctant to move.

From doing these experiments with movement, I now understand how I should animate my roll of tape to make it seem more realistic. And to see even further how I could adjust the movements, I drew up the stages of movement for the tape.