Texturing in Maya

Today, I learned how to texture objects in maya.

To start, I used ctrl + shift and clicked on hypershade and UV editor to create a shortcut to help me access them quicker for help during texturing.

I then moved the cube in the centre of the grid.Screenshot 2016-12-14 09.42.34.png

I then opened up hypershade and opened up lambert. I then selected  a colour and proceeded to use that colour for my cube.

I then clicked on the little checkered box in the colour section and selected the checkered box  which gave me a checkered pattern for my cube. I then proceeded to increase the number of checkers on the cube by changing the repeat UV Numbers from 4 to 16.

Screenshot 2016-12-14 10.03.42.png

After this I selected my cube and opened the UV editor, through my shortcut, which opened up a new window and then rightclicked and held on my object to select Assign existing material – lambert1 to make sure that the cube would be grey. Now i needed to transfer the layout of the cube to photoshop and to do that, went to the UV Editor-Polygons-UV Snapshot which brought up a box with export options. I saved the file to my images and opened the file image in Photoshop. screenshot-2016-12-14-10-08-53screenshot-2016-12-14-10-07-44screenshot-2016-12-14-10-08-11screenshot-2016-12-14-10-11-01screenshot-2016-12-14-10-10-52screenshot-2016-12-14-10-08-59screenshot-2016-12-14-10-07-53

Once I opened my layout in photoshop, I searched the internet for a crate image that would be suitable for the box. Once I had found one, I imported it into photoshop and duplicated it and rearranged the angle so that when it would be imported back into maya, the surface of the box will look normal.

Once I had my box layout ready, I saved the image as a JPEG file and opened up maya. I then went to the Hypershade window and selected file and import and selected my image layout. I then selected my 3d cube and transferred the box shader onto the cube.

This technique is useful and can produce high quality textures for many different surfaces and I will be sure to test it out more in my own time.

cmd +i

Highlight and delete to clear box