During the first few weeks…

I produced a Temple in maya using the extrude tool and multiple polygons.

I explored how I could animate a bouncing ball in maya.

I did research on Pixar short films. I selected the short films Luxo Jr and One man band to research. Im hoping that I will learn how they are made and what software they would use to create their animations.

I created a moodboard for Pixar animations.

This week, I created a treatment for my animation. I

filmed myself walking and moving about in different forms of expression to see how I might convey that through an object. I also did the same for the object I chose, which is tape.

This week I Learned how to texture in maya. I also created a storyboard for my animation.

Over the holidays…

I drew some concepts and started to model my animation in maya

I started to add texture to the animation

In the new year…

I started animating and came across problems with the frames and timing of the animation.

I solved the problems and managed to get a camera angle working for the animation.

I rendered my animation and exported it from After Affects

16/01/17: Today I gave in my assignment, went over everything and checked it was on my blogs.