Final Animation/evaluation

To start out my animation, I firstly created my character, a roll of tape. I created a polygonal pipe, and changed the dimensions to make it look more like the shape of tape. I then duplicated and shrunk the smaller pipe polygon on the inside of the larger shape to create the piece of card that helps retain the circular shape of tape.

I then Proceeded to work on the shape of the sides of the tape, due to there being little ridges from the layers. I used the insert edge loop tool and then the extrude tool to help create ridges in the side.

After this, I decided to texture my Tape by opening up the Hypershade window and selecting blinn. This will give a plastic shine for my tape. I coloured it brown then applied it to the tape. I then applied a lambert cloud to the paper to give the paper an old an worn look, to help make the tape seem unused and unwanted.





I then decided to work on the floor for the room. I used a simple plane polygon and used the scale tool to enlarge it to the right size. After doing this I Decided to reopen the Hypershade window and selected a lambert for the floor and clicked on the checkered box next to colour and chose cloth. After this, I changed the colours of the cloth and the V/U width which altered the placing and size of the lines on the carpet.



After this I felt like adding something I didn’t plan, I decided to use the extrude tool on the wood to alter the shape to make the polygon similar to common skirting board. I opened up the Hypershade window and gave the skirting board a dark wood texture.


I then placed in walls and a ceiling and used the Hypershade to make the a dark blue/green colour. I resized them to create a box shape for the room. I then aligned the walls, floor and skirting board all together so they fit properly and there were no gaps between them.screen-shot-2017-01-14-at-22-18-29

After the walls, I started on the table in which I used a cube polygon and enlarged the scale of it and used the move tool to lift it up into the air. To give the table more detail, I used the insert edge loop tool to create sections on the table top and underneath, I used those new lines to extrude an inner border on the underside of the table. I also created legs using simple Cube polygons and texturing them with grey/black lambert Hypershades, and a wood texture for the table.




For decoration, I wanted to place a lightbulb in the scene, so I used the extrude tool on a sphere polygon and altered the shape until it resembles a lightbulb. Then, to make it glow, I opened Hypershade and used a surface shader and set the colour to a pale yellow and increased the glow of the obejct and decreased the opacity of the bulb to make it more realistic.

To hold the lightbulb I quickly morphed some polygons to look like a cable holding the bulb to  a wire attached to the ceiling.


After organising the camera, I set the render setting to view through the cameras perspective and then I produced a playblast to get a view of the animation, then I used batch render.

All the scenes turned into JPEG’s which i then imported into After Affects and then added music to the final animation. I then added the animation to the render queue and exported my game as a movie and uploaded it to youtube.


Overall I am happy with my animation. I learned lots of new skills during this entire brief, such as texturing in maya, how to animate 3d objects, how physics work in maya and why rendering is important.

My final animation follows my treatment and storyboard and the video goes at 25fps with 500 frames and lasts 20 seconds. It also follows the brief as I have included the company’s logo, this will represent the company and show what brand the tape is for.

I avoided any copyright situations by creating my own assets and using my own knowledge when creating and designing. The music I used is royalty free and wont cause any issues as it was said that it could be used freely.

If I could change anything in my project, I would of liked to try a less gloomy story, maybe i could of done a whole family of rolls of tape, similar to Luxo Jr, with a child messing about and then the family laughing at the kids’ mannerisms.



Music Used