Film Noir diary

7/11/16: We individually came up with two different concepts for stories we could use for the trailer. We would work on them and present them the next week. To come up with my two stories, I looked through different L.A. Noir games and concepts which I could base mine off of. I ended up with the stories ‘Behind bars’, a story about a innocent suspect and random killings, and ‘This story is to die for’ which involves a cop with a split personality and killing people without knowing it was him.

14/11/16: Me, Eve and Matt presented ideas to each other and selected Evelina’s plot. We got some ideas for how it could work and the next week we would present the idea to Louise to see if it was a good idea. We also all decided that we would communicate using Discord and discuss the things we needed to do through the app.

21/11/16: Louise said the idea was not interesting enough and needed more depth. Evelina rewrote the whole story from scratch mainly only leaving the main character the same, I came up with some costumes that could fit the period it would be set in and some shot ideas.

28/11/16: Evelina started working on the storyboard of the new story as old one was scrapped, along with me writing the script. I also found few possible props to use for shoots (coats and hats) around my place. 

5/12/16: We started to discuss the name for the character and the mood of the trailer. I started drawings of what the costumes could look like for the main character named Ken Dustin.

I collected props and costumes over the holidays for the scenes and we decided that we would use my house for filming, and we would use the street of kingston for the scene where I am walking sown a path. I collected a big and a small box, a folder  and the glass we would need. Evelina Finished the storyboard over the break. Edited and finished more papers that needed to be filled out.

3/01/17: Evelina suggested the option of her friend doing a voiceover which is needed at the end of the trailer. We discussed how I will be the replacement actor if Matt isn’t there. Due to matt not participating much over the past few weeks, we are unsure of his ability to maintain his responsibilities, so we discussed which jobs we would take on from him if he didn’t participate. I also have interviews with Universities coming up on the 12th and the 17th, so we made sure the filming did not conflict with the interviews.

9/01/17: Finishing final touches before filming, booking the filming gear, making document props and figuring out when each of us are able to come in to collect the equipment. Evelina printed off images and documents filled with words that we could pin up on the billboard that I have in my house.

12/01/17: Me and Evelina came into college at 1PM to collect all the equipment. Before we left though, we ran through how to use all the equipment properly and had everything that we needed. Matt didn’t appear as he was out shopping for props when we arrived at college. We would of filmed the walking scene this day, however we decided to film in near my house on another date due to it raining heavily.

13/01/17: Evelina met me in Worcester Park and we filmed most of the scenes at my place on the first day. 

Before we started recording the footage for our film, we made sure the settings on the camera were correct and suited the production we were filming. We set the mode to record and set the ISO to 100 and centred the depth of vision. When we received the camera, we also had to erase any pervious work that was already on there so we deleted it.

We used the Canon EOS 550D and a small attachable light due to pre prepared lighting in my house. We also were provided with a large tripod which helped us get different angles for different shots.

We recorded the scenes with the blood first because they were the messiest and it was easier to clean up before filming the rest of the shots for other scenes. We also filmed the walking and opening the door shots.

However we ran into a problem as we weren’t provided with a charger and the camera lost power. We ended filming for the day. I planned to email the college about seeing if we could borrow a charger.

14/01/17: My neighbour had a charger for me to borrow but she was using it, so i borrowed it in the evening to charge over night.

15/01/17: With the camera fully charged, me and my dad filmed the remaining scenes that needed to be done as Evelina had other priorities and Matt was at work. We finished the job and my dad singed the extra release form to show he agreed to working the camera.

 21/01/17: With the shots filmed, I used premier Pro to import the scenes and place them together. I made sure that before this all my footage was in my Rushers folder and when I saved the edits I had made, I saved it in my Projects folder. All of this was placed in my Film Noir folder. Evelina had also recorded the sounds voice narration that was needed for the trailer and edited the sounds in audition the make her voice a lower pitch and more sinister. I used effects such as ‘cross dissolve’ to transition between scenes to make it smoother and for the flashback, I use the ‘dip to white’ effect and while the flashback was occurring i adapted the saturation so the picture seen was lighter.

24/01/17: I exported the video. I placed the file into my export folder.