The story

A man named Jordan Kneady is on his way home to his loving family and is excited to tell them about his promotion in his bakery shop. However when he arrives home, he isn’t greeted by three kids and a wife, he is greeted by his house in flames and the screams of his children. He rushes into his house only to find his wife and kids charred and dead on the floor. Shell shocked he stands in one spot, unable to look away from the horrific sight which is causing him to loose his sanity along with his family.

When the fire department arrive, they see Jordan sitting in the wreckage holding a children’s toy which resembled a chicken. seeing that he couldn’t speak and was clearly insane, they admitted him to a mental asylum.

While in the asylum, Jordan was still experiencing the scene from where he stood, watching his family burn. To escape this reality, he trapped himself inside his own head and created his own world where he was free of his pain.