Treatment For VR Trailer

The aim of our project is to create a trailer for a virtual reality game. I came up with the concept of a game in which a man was forced to watch his family burn in a fire, which led to his insanity. due to his insanity, he is forced to go to a mental asylum and is placed in an isolation room. while there, to try to escape from the pain of the memories of the incident, he creates this world in his mind, unknowingly trapping himself, where he has to defend himself against zombie-like cupcakes. The game will be called ‘Cupcake Chaos!!1!’ and The main character is called Mr Kneady. He is 5ft 7 tall and he has dark skin and was most commonly referred as the human vacuum cleaner with an insatiable hunger for pain before his insanity.

For this project, we might need to buy certain things for the green screen scene depending on what we have and what we don’t.The prop that we will need is a rubber chicken and the costume that we need is a straight Jacket. There will be a scene where he is in an isolation room and he is holding a rubber chicken and sucking on it.Image result for katya sucking on a rubber chicken This is to over exaggerate the fact that he is insane. We will also need a straight jacket for the actor to wear to make him fit in the isolation room more.

This project is a good idea because it is original and weird and it pushes us to work on something that is outside the box and strange. I currently have some knowledge of how to work after effects and with the research I have done I can learn to chroma key background when using a green screen. The trailer will be roughly 20 – 30 seconds long.