Logo Development

For the VR trailer, I had to come up with logos for the production company and for the game. For this I drew out multiple designs and concepts before I was happy with the idea that I had. I drew out some designs of eyes to relate to the fact that this trailer would be for a VR game. I first started out with some eye styled designs but I wanted to experiment more with different ideas. 20170327_094653

I then came up with the idea for a pun name as it would relate to the humour of the VR trailer.


Liking the idea that I had created, I used the egg idea and developed it in photoshop. I changed it around and moved the position of objects and altered the font to the design Jordan created and completed the logo.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 10.28.42EggLogo.png

I asked my peers what they thought of this logo and they liked it but said I could improve it by using the blending tool on the layers and try a different colour because the red looked too harsh. I took their advice and did that and altered the colour scheme to give it a softer look overall.