Green Screen filming/editing

Today we filmed our green screen scene for the trailer. For this we had a prop, a toy chicken) and a costume, which was a straight jacket. We had Jordan, the actor, sit down on the green panel on the floor far enough in front of the green screen so there wouldn’t be any bleeding and so his outline wouldn’t be grainy. We set up the camera on a tripod and set it to video mode. Once the lights had been checked and everything looked ok, I started filming. I controlled the camera, and following the storyboard, I zoomed out by turning the camera lens. We did a couple of takes due to the first couple being bumpy and not very good. But once we had a shot that we were all happy with, we uploaded the footage from the SD card to the computer.

Green Screen Test

Before I Started on the actual scene, I wanted to test out what i had learned to see what would work best in this situation. To start out, I decided to use the Keylight effect and then put a mask around Jordan’s head and kept the lines close to his head to make sure the shape stayed the same through each scene. I moved the outline through multiple scenes and I found this way was very time consuming so I stopped after a number of frames. I saved his head on a bright green background and exported it as a quicktime video in the format of H.261. I then re opened this video of Jordan’s head moving back and forth in After Effects and Edited his face multiple times around the screen. And for each different scene/background change, I had to duplicate the head layer multiple times and change the opacity so they didn’t appear when unwanted.

Editing green screen

With the footage I put it into After Effects, I used the Keylight effect to help me take out the green screen. I also used the pen tool to take out any imperfections that might have been on the edge of the screen. However, during the scene the camera zooms out so i had to adjust the mask so it followed Jordan’s movements. I then went into the Keylight effects and changed the view to combined matte, and this showed me that I had quite a bit of bleeding from the green screen so I adjusted the clip black/white to get a pure white character and black background with no faults. I then looked at the intermediate result view and I could see a green outline so I altered the screen shrink/Grow tool and made the green outline disappear. Once I had that done, I had selected a background scene which is an isolation room which I imported into After Effects. I then adjusted the contrast of the background to make sure it fit the lighting of Jordan’s surroundings from when we were filming.