For this project I will be creating an animation which will have a duration of 1-2 minutes. The name of my animation is ‘Jellyfish Blues’. My target audience is young adults aged 16-25 who appreciate a story and art.

The main characters are the adult and child jellyfish. The parent is called ‘Reginald Forethought’ and the child is called ‘Alex (Grace) Forethought’

It starts out with Reg and Alex floating together and then, a bloom of jellyfish rushes through them as they are trying to escape a sea turtle (like the gazelle scene in the lion king) and causes Reg and Alex to get separated. Alex is all alone and starts looking for his dad in a coral reef and different scenes. Then a scene in the deep blue where a human suddenly appears and tries to trap Alex in a net. However, Reg comes along and saves Alex by stinging the human and they get away. Then when they think they are safe, a sea turtle comes along and eats them.

For sound effects, I will use Soundcloud to get the background noise of being underwater. I will also be making the soundtrack on my piano and adding that to other instruments in garageband.

For this project I have done research. I have watched multiple documentaries that proved helpful and I have done some research when I did a work placement for New Scientist. Over the half term, I also went to an aquarium to see how the jellyfish moved for myself and saw a lot of interesting things. I will need to draw out the movements of the jellyfish for the animation and the transfer it digitally onto my laptop.

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