Animation progress

To start out, I decided that my animation would be a stop-motion animation style for the characters. So for this, I drew out a quick sketch for how the character would look and imported it. Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 13.34.29

I then decided, after I had the basic shape of my character, to start on the backgrounds, so I drew the outline of them on A4 paper and scanned them to my laptop. After that I used the magic wand tool to select the outlines and filled them in. with a light beige colour. However, I wanted the style of the animation to have a watercolour effect, so I changed the layer I by selecting bevel and emboss and texture and changing those around to help give the canvas a different effect. I also changed the brush to pastel light and added texture and wet edges and matched the texture settings to the layer’s.

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I then used these settings to paint my backgrounds which I imported into photoshop.

Someone recommended that I use a filter to see what it would be like, so I found the mosaic filter and it looked nice, so I used it, however I eventually removed it because I found that when my character had the same filter, it didn’t look very good.

I did run into a problem as I hadn’t saved the files and my laptop crashed, this reminded me that i needed to backup my work so when i redid the scenes, i saved them to my hard drive.

In-between doing my scenes, I also worked on my character and how it would move. I started to draw out the different motions of the jellyfish and how it would move. I then repeated the same process of painting in photoshop I did with he backgrounds. I made many different outlines for my character. For example, going in a semi circle, attacking a human, moving forward and a shot of the tentacles. to animate these, I placed each image frame by frame in flash, making sure they were to scale and in the right positions. I kept the fps around 20 as I had different length keyframes in each animation.


One thing that took up the most time was the title for the intro of the animation. I wanted the title to have the jittery effect of stop-motion so I drew out each step for the title to appear a bit at a time until it was fully formed. To save scanning each page, I decided to use the Adobe Capture app to send the outlines straight to my library in photoshop. I then copied each stage from photoshop to flash and used it to animate the title.

After I had finished all my assets, I imported them into after effects, and created a new composition for each scene to make it easier to edit them together. In all the scenes I placed an opaque streaky blue layer overtop the rest and that represents the water currents in the ocean.

In the scene with the turtle and the human, I used the colour balance effect which allowed me to make the characters a black silhouette and gradually get lighter. I also changed the opacity to fade in alongside the colour balance to make it seem more like they came out of nowhere.

While editing, I realised that I needed to loop the character animations. To do this I right clicked on the characters timeline and selected  enable time remapping and then I held the alt key while clicking on the little stopwatch next to the source name in the layer. I then right clicked on the expression language menu selected Property and chose loopOut(type = “cycle”, numKeyframes = 0)

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After I had finished animating all of the scenes, I put all of the compositions into one and added the music which I had previously made.


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