Final Animation Improved

After I had people review my animation do the questionnaire, I changed my final animation a little bit. I drew out some more assets which included coral, fish, and star fish. As well as making some scenes a little shorter so they didn’t drag on. I also included credits at the end.

To give the feel of being underwater, I added an ambient sound: 

And for the turtle, I added a snap sound that I edited from a clap sound. I placed the file in audition and edited the frequency and EQ levels. I then had it echo by duplicating it and lowering the volume gradually.

Doing this made a big difference to the animation for me. The additions I imported gave the scenes more life and colour and made it more pleasant to watch. The questionnaire i made helped a lot because if I hadn’t made one and sent it to people, I wouldn’t of gotten any feedback and just left the animation as it was before.

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