Final animation

For my final major project, I chose to do a 2D animation. I decided to do it about a jellyfish and came up with the idea to use blues music and decided on the name Jellyfish Blues. I was also inspired by my sister’s love for jellyfish.

Despite this not being my first time doing a 2d animation or a stop-motion animation, it was my first time doing a mix of both this way. After i had drawn out my storyboard and decided on a storyline, I created a quick animatic of how the animation would turn out.

I chose to draw out each movement for the characters and animate it frame by frame to give the characters the jittery effect of the stop-motion. I also decided to make the backgrounds in photoshop instead of actually painting them incase I made a mistake with the scene and needed to edit it.

However there was a slight downfall to this as my original scenes were corrupted and I had to redo them. But despite this, I worked on them again and due to the skills i had learned doing the original, I was able to replicate them quickly.

I also made my own music in garage band that fits the style well .

I managed to work to my timetable effectively, aside from the minor setback, and finished my animation on time. I have worked well independently though I have asked people on what they think before I finalised anything. The final animation is slightly different to the animatic, although I think it is better seeing as it has different shot angles and they are more varied.

I have asked my classmates if they liked it and they said they did. and that they liked the style i did and the music fit the animation well. Overall, I am happy with how it turned out. I spent a lot of time on the motions of the characters.

With my animation finished, I made a questionnaire for people to say what they thought about it.


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