I was given the task of creating an animation to market Warburton’s new Thin Bagels to women aged 20 – 45. I was exited to learn how to make an animation that I had lots of control over, and I loved that I could design my own storyboard and characters. Originally, we were placed into […]

Warburtons Animation – Peer Review

I had Someone review my animation at its current state, and he told me some pros and cons that I should think about. Pros: Animation quality is excellent Very fluid animation and the plot is clear and easy to understand. Cons: Scene needs background, looks empty without one. Complete the empty scene thats left.   […]

After Effects – Flowing Grass Experiment

I was given the task of creating a setting with animated grass that flowed like a breeze came along. To do this, I had to import an image of grass into After Effects. I then made a new composition and placed the grass image into that composition. Then, I had to make the grass move. […]

After Effects – fire

I was tasked with creating a fire animation in Adobe After Effects. To make this fire, I had to create a new composition called fire comp 1 and add a load of effects to it. This included: CC particle Systems 11 Fast Blur CC Vector Blur Echo Directional Blur Curves Curves 2 Turbulent Displace Glow […]

Animated Alphabet – L

To make this, I first got all the things i wanted to use for my animation. I used black paper for the background, and white paper for the mans walking positions and the Text(which I coloured in red with a marker). After this, I arranged them on a flat surface and prepared a camera on […]

Example Stop Motion Animation

  For this animation, I was provided with images for an example stop motion animation and to help me learn how to create one. I imported the images into after effects and put them all into a new composition. for each image i then used the Time-stretch to extend or shorten the length that each […]