Final Animation Improved

After I had people review my animation do the questionnaire, I changed my final animation a little bit. I drew out some more assets which included coral, fish, and star fish. As well as making some scenes a little shorter so they didn’t drag on. I also included credits at the end. To give the […]


For my animation, I decided to create my own music. I wanted to do this to give the animation an original feel to it. To start, I chose to make the music inspired by the blues due to the name of the animation. I had help from my music teacher with coming up with some […]

Final animation

For my final major project, I chose to do a 2D animation. I decided to do it about a jellyfish and came up with the idea to use blues music and decided on the name Jellyfish Blues. I was also inspired by my sister’s love for jellyfish. Despite this not being my first time doing […]

Animation progress

To start out, I decided that my animation would be a stop-motion animation style for the characters. So for this, I drew out a quick sketch for how the character would look and imported it.  I then decided, after I had the basic shape of my character, to start on the backgrounds, so I drew the […]


The images below are the stages of animation for my character and other assets. I drew out each motion and scene to give the characters a jittery and wobbly effect.


For this project I will be creating an animation which will have a duration of 1-2 minutes. The name of my animation is ‘Jellyfish Blues’. My target audience is young adults aged 16-25 who appreciate a story and art. The main characters are the adult and child jellyfish. The parent is called ‘Reginald Forethought’ and […]


This is my animatic for my animation. To make this I took photos of my storyboard and then used dropbox to send them to my laptop. In Photoshop, I Then separated each layer into a new photoshop document and separated the backgrounds from the characters and used the clone stamp tool to fill in any […]