I made a Questionnaire for the trailer to see the response that people would have to it. Questionnaire What was liked/disliked:  Asher: The animation of the gameplay was made professionally Nicola: The player going insane was very funny What could be improved: Asher: Maybe make the animation a bit more fluid. Nicola: Audio was a bit off balance […]

Final Trailer

This is the process I took for editing the final video. First of all, I took All of my graphics and imported those files into Premier pro. I used The page peel transition effect for the logo in the beginning so it could transition into the animation file. (At the time I didn’t not have the […]


During the process of making this trailer, I decided to think into products and how other games sell merchandise to help put there brand out there. I decided that i would make my own merchandise of our game and ordered a custom jumper with the Game logo on the front and the name on the […]

Concept art

One of my roles for this trailer was to create Concept art, so I drew out some ideas that could represent the game. I started out with some ideas for sweets and pastries for the enemy, then different types of cupcakes and what a scene might look like. The image of the avocado with corn […]


Today I am looking back on what i have done for the VR promo so far. What went well: I came up with an original idea and a background story for how the game will play out. I have been organised and finished most of my concept art and have fully designed the logo for this […]

Green Screen filming/editing

Today we filmed our green screen scene for the trailer. For this we had a prop, a toy chicken) and a costume, which was a straight jacket. We had Jordan, the actor, sit down on the green panel on the floor far enough in front of the green screen so there wouldn’t be any bleeding […]


Scene 01 – Production company logo scene 02 – view of the window and tabletop Scene 03 – Camera view turns to see the layout of a kitchen (Made in maya) Scene 04 – The camera pans down and sees a mysterious looking cupcake (Made in maya) Scene 05 – The camera turns to see yourself […]