Final Animation/evaluation

To start out my animation, I firstly created my character, a roll of tape. I created a polygonal pipe, and changed the dimensions to make it look more like the shape of tape. I then duplicated and shrunk the smaller pipe polygon on the inside of the larger shape to create the piece of card […]


I tested out some movement using myself as the test dummy. Adil Filmed my movement as I walked in different expressions. The first was an upbeat walk, with my back straight/slightly arched and head lifted up. The second, I decided I wanted to know what it would look like to fall off of a table, […]

Texturing in Maya

Today, I learned how to texture objects in maya. To start, I used ctrl + shift and clicked on hypershade and UV editor to create a shortcut to help me access them quicker for help during texturing. I then moved the cube in the centre of the grid. I then opened up hypershade and opened up […]


  The name of my animation will be The Lonely Tape. The animation will be 20 seconds long and it will be aimed at 15 – 50 year olds to bring awareness to the feeling of isolation and loneliness. My animation will be for a company named Rabbit Roll Products, who sell stationary and craft […]

3D Animation – Pixar Shorts

3D Pixar animated movies are created using the software RenderMan, unlike other companies which might use Maya or Cinema 4D. They have Been using this technology for over 25 years and is used to this day. And in their animations, they commonly use forward kinematics (FK) and inverse kinematics (IK). Forward kinematics are when the robot […]