Game Evaluation

For the brief I had to produce a 2D SideScroller level in Unreal Engine based on my theme and research. For me this was the oriental tale of the Goddess of the Moon, Chang’e. The game I produced is different due to complications I encountered along the way and how I changed my game to […]

Game Music

I produced a sound loop for my game in which I used Chinese style instruments such as and Erhu and a Chinese drum kit. I also used the warm arp pad which I used as the bass for the loop. The loop plays at 185 bpm and is upbeat.

Starting my game

Today I started to practise using the software Unreal as this is what ill be using for making my 2D sidescoller/Endless runner game. I opened up Unreal Editor and started a new 2d side scroller project which loaded up a template which  had a basic sidescoller template which had a man which could run, stay idle […]

Sprite Sheets

Using my Drawing tablet, I produced my character sprite sheet. I made one for running, jumping, falling over and being idle (incase I couldn’t figure out the logic for an endless runner. I also made an 8bit- style version of my character sprite sheet but I decided against using it as I preferred the smother […]


A Parallax is when the scene is moving, that objects in the background move slower compared to objects closer to the camera when it is moving. I made my own Parallax scene in photoshop to see how i could make one. I created a gradient with colours for the sky and the ground for my […]