This is the 30 second showreel of my work that shows my progress and the development on my FMP.   I also had to edit together the showreels from my class. Advertisements

Life cycle of a Jellyfish

The jellyfish starts out as larva. It swims around till it finds a solid surface then fixes itself to the surface and overtime, it transforms into a polyp. The polyp then starts the process of strobilation, this is where it begins to develop horizontal lines across the end of its body. The lines eventually deepen enough for the […]

Jellyfish research

Jellyfish have been around for millions of years and live in many different ocean habitats. Many jellies are clear and see-through, but they can also come in many different colours and some are bioluminescent, which means they can produce their own light. Jellyfish are very interesting. They are made up of mostly water (95%) and […]


Week One 20/02/17 – Today, the first day, Me, Jordan, Matt M and Adil grouped together and agreed to come up with seperate ideas then choose the best one. 21/02/17 – Adil and Jordan were not in to discuss the ideas so to make sure we didnt loose time, me and Matt chose my idea about […]