User Interface Evaluation

The task I was given was to create a professional set up of visuals that show my interface items and how they look and interact as well as 3 different tea identities with names, a logo and colours. Throughout this task, i have developed new skills and learned new software that I adapted to. All […]

Formula 1 Animation

This is my¬†user interface that I animated in Adobe After Effects. I designed the HuD in Photoshop, then applied the components of it over a the original video and animated the details of the interface, Such as the numbers, the player icon on the map and the speed dial needle. I also imported the music […]

Experimenting with the interface

I experimented with the appearance of the interface a few times. I changed the colours of the speed dials to see which worked best and matched the rest of the interface. I rearranged the sizes of the illustrations and moved them around to see where the would fit the best.  

Teams and colours

I looked at existing teams in Formula e and I collected a few images and extracted the main colours from the cars. Brands like Ferrari, use the colours Red, green and yellow to represent Italy as the founder of the company (Enzo Ferrari) based the headquarters in Maranello, Italy. This helped me get ideas for […]

Branding Copyright and Intellectual Property law

Intellectual Property (IP): The right type of intellectual property protection can help to stop people stealing or copying others work such as the label of the brand/product, the invention, designs or literature that is produced. Copyright and branding are types of Intellectual property protection. These are very important as they protect the image of the […]

Interface Components

I took the comments and applied them to my dials and created some in Adobe Illustrator. I change the designs on some of them, added colours to see which worked well and to see what would work best in a User Interface.