I was given the task of creating an animation to market Warburton’s new Thin Bagels to women aged 20 – 45. I was exited to learn how to make an animation that I had lots of control over, and I loved that I could design my own storyboard and characters. Originally, we were placed into […]

Warburtons Animation – Peer Review

I had Someone review my animation at its current state, and he told me some pros and cons that I should think about. Pros: Animation quality is excellent Very fluid animation and the plot is clear and easy to understand. Cons: Scene needs background, looks empty without one. Complete the empty scene thats left.   […]

Animation Assets

For the a few things in my animation, e.g. the thin bagel, I animated most of the movements in flash. This helped me understand the stages in movement from running and jumping, to flags in the wind. To make the come to life more, I made it so they blinked every couple of seconds or had […]

Animation scenes

These are the scenes that I designed for my final animation. I finalised them in After Effects and made sure I organised the different layers and compositions. Each scene was different and I used different techniques and styles of animating when it came to the characters as well.

Advert drawings.

For my Advert animation, I started to digitalise my drawings. I scanned then into the computer using a scanner and image capture. While doing this, I changed the dpi to 300 to increase the image size it would translate to, I made it black and white and made the file a Jpeg. After that, I […]

Animatic for Warburton’s AD

This is my animatic made from my storyboard. To make this I first had to scan in the storyboard to the computer and then separated the layers of images in photoshop. I then went over the lines with a brush to make the images stand out more and look neater. To animate it, I imported […]