For this project I will be creating an animation which will have a duration of 1-2 minutes. The name of my animation is ‘Jellyfish Blues’. My target audience is young adults aged 16-25 who appreciate a story and art. The main characters are the adult and child jellyfish. The parent is called ‘Reginald Forethought’ and […]


This is my animatic for my animation. To make this I took photos of my storyboard and then used dropbox to send them to my laptop. In Photoshop, I Then separated each layer into a new photoshop document and separated the backgrounds from the characters and used the clone stamp tool to fill in any […]

Previous Work Placement

Last year I did a work placement at New scientist and did some design work for them. I had to design the life cycle of a Jellyfish. I created my own jellyfish and the the different stages for it as well. I also had to edit a map, highlighting the areas where jellyfish are found […]

Jellyfish research

Jellyfish have been around for millions of years and live in many different ocean habitats. Many jellies are clear and see-through, but they can also come in many different colours and some are bioluminescent, which means they can produce their own light. Jellyfish are very interesting. They are made up of mostly water (95%) and […]


Today I went to the Sea life aquarium in London. I planned this trip so I could view the jellyfish and to see other sea creatures that inhabited the sea. When I got there there was multiple areas which contained fish, sharks, jellyfish, penguins (unfortunately) etc. When we got to the jellyfish, they had different […]


I made a Questionnaire for the trailer to see the response that people would have to it. Questionnaire What was liked/disliked:  Asher: The animation of the gameplay was made professionally Nicola: The player going insane was very funny What could be improved: Asher: Maybe make the animation a bit more fluid. Nicola: Audio was a bit off balance […]