Evaluation of Final Poster

For this assignment,I had to promote the ‘RIAS Festival of Architecture 2016’ by creating a Poster design. I had to include “Festival of Architecture”, “2016” and the RIAS logo. I started out with researching post modernist and modernist posters to help expand my imagination and to inspire my own designs. I found out that people […]

Poster initial designs

  These are my initial ideas for my poster for the RIAS Festival of Architecture. I did multiple basic scetches on paper and then transfered ideas from them onto larger designs. I also adapted a few designs using photoshop to give the desired effects for he poster.  

Modernist & Postmodern posters

Posters are designed to catch the public’s attention when people pass by them. They are designed as advertisement mainly for events, films, books and music. In posters there is lots of propaganda (the art of persuasion) to try to convince people that they should, for example, vote for the person on the poster or to […]