Ambient sound loop – Final Tracks

These are the two final Sound loops for the brief I was given. The theme I set for my racing game audio loops was London on fire. For the main melody of both tracks, I use my piano and connected it to my laptop and played around with different chords and scales to find something […]

Audio Experimentation

Using garage band and audition, I had to experiment with different sound effects and create and edit tracks for a 1 1/2 minute loop and a 2 minute loop. I used some sound effects from to make the tracks more interesting. I had an idea in which the game had the setting of the fire of […]

Planning document (Ambient sound loop)

Qualification BTEC Extended Diploma in iMGD Unit Number(s) and Title(s) 58   Sound for Interactive Media   Assignment Title Ambient Sound Loop – Research Assessor Mark Parsons Issue Date 5/11/15 Deadline 10/12/15   Task. write about the following Response Type of production   Computer Game Level – how long/what kind of scene/intention of loop?   […]